DW WhoNews for Doctor Who - Moonboom Limited

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WhoNews brings you the latest news from over 140 of your favourite Doctor Who websites in one easy to use application. Visit www.who-news.com◆ One universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch buy once and use on all your devices.◆ Most recent news, blogs, podcasts and special/art views - time ordered and drawn from over 140 websites.◆ Notifications pushed direct to your device news, blogs, podcasts and special/art - choose which notifications to receive in the app.◆ Off-line browsing - read the latest news at your leisure.◆ Super fast search of all news articles by using a keyword or phrase.

Periódicos GT - Los mejores diarios y noticias de la prensa en Guatemala - RetioBase

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Descubre y lee todas las noticias de los mejores periódicos y noticieros de Guatemala, como Antena 3, El Periódico, La Hora, La Voz del Inmigrante, Noticias de Guatemala, Periódico La Noticia, Plaza Pública, Prensa Libre, Público GT y Siglo Veintiuno● TODOS LOS TITULARES EN UN SOLO LUGARAl abrir la aplicación te recibirán todos los titulares de las noticias más relevantes del país; todas las noticias aparecen en la pantalla principal, sin necesidad de configurar nada o registrarte.● TODAS LAS SECCIONES DE TUS DIARIOS FAVORITOSYa sea "Nacional" o "Deportes", respetamos todas las secciones de c

Kenya News 2 - Grematech Communication

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Ads free edition - Kenya NewsThis Apps brings to your device all Kenya major and minor local and international newspapers and news sites in just one App. All Kenya newspapers in one app, from Kenya news, Kenya Politics, Kenya Business and Economy,Kenya Entertainment, Kenya Sports and much more for all local and international news. This App, Kenya News is a must have for all Kenyans at home and Abroad and also for all those who want to know all about the on goings in Kenya and stay updated about the country.Some Newspapers includes: The daily nation Kenya, Standard Daily Nation Ken

News for Survivalcraft - Mint Star Media

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The ultimate source of news for Survivalcraft. Browse constantly updated videos, photos, news feeds and much more! Follow your favourite game on Facebook and Twitter and interact with other Survivalcraft fans, all around the World!*Now including Guides section with dozens of advices and hints!*Designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!*Free updates!*No annoying Ads!*Social media integration!*Beautiful iOS7 design!Must have app for every Survivalcraft fan! Probably the best Survivalcraft news app in the AppStore!

German TV - Kanta

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German TV is an app for checking German language TV schedules anytime, anywhere. Track your favorite shows and programs and set alarms for when the shows you love are on the air!BENEFITS:● Support for a total of 74 TV channels (German speaking countries + International)● Live TV streaming support for a few TV channels● AirPlay Support● Time schedules shown using your local time zone● There can be a lot of useful data for a show: description, duration, actors, directors, country of origin, etc.● Easily find and track reruns and all episodes of a series by setting it as a "Favorite"● You can se

Brazil News, Notícias em Portuguese - Aaru Labs

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Brazil News, In Portuguese is a very simple e-news reader for the people of Brazil. This app brings you the latest news from all the top Brazil 73 news sourcesThe app reads the news headlines and stories and places them into scrollable list. When a headline is selected, a full screen window opens with the cover story. This new window also holds up and down arrow to browse all the news. It contains Full News & Email News article button.

News for Downton Abbey - Josie Hamilton

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This app brings the latest Downton Abbey news, videos, pictures and more to your fingertips. This app is a must have for Downton Abbey fans! Always be the first in the know with Downton Abbey news!FEATURES-Latest news updated DAILY-Latest videos updated DAILY-High quality wallpapers-Recent podcasts-Like, share and comment on your favourite articles, pictures, music and videos-NO Ads-Stunning, intuitive interface-Post to your Facebook wall within the appDownload this app today and keep up-to-date with everything Downton Abbey!Disclaimer: This is not an official app for Downton Abbey. This app

Pinswift - fast and powerful Pinboard bookmarking - Joel Carranza

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Bring the complete power of Pinboard.in to your pocket with Pinswift. Create bookmarks with ease and use powerful search options to quickly find what you are looking for. Discover great new websites with complete support for Popular and Network lists. All of Pinboard in one fast and fun app.Pinswift uses technologies introduced in iOS 8 to re-imagine bookmarking on iOS. With the power of extensions, Pinswift integrates with your phone and other apps like never before. The browser has been rebuilt using WKWebView and now displays pages even faster. It's everything you need to create, manage, a