Image Watermarker - Alessandro G FERRI

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Image Watermarker batch stamps translucid images and text over batches of photos. Image stamps can be PNG files or other formats and text stamps can be rotated and using any font installed on the system. The software can be used to brand your batch of photos and to protect your images from free distribution and unauthorized use.

Image2HEIF - The HEIC image converter - Jose Antonio Jimenez Campos

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The simplest HEIF image converter. With this App, you can convert your images to HEIC format, keeping a very high quality using H.265/HEIF codec, and saving disk space. It's simple and fast.Features:- New image format compatible with iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.- Conversion to HEIC format with ultra high quality using H.265/HEIF codec.- Image quality selectable.- Clean design, without complicated options.- Batch process.- Drag & Drop support to load files.- Possibility to add new images to queue on the fly, while encoding.Input formats:- BMP- GIF (non animated)- JP2- JPG- PNG* Special thanks

Image Cleaner - Fix Duplicates - Day 1 Solutions SRL

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Image Cleaner is the complete solution for finding and removing duplicate image files. If you are a point and shoot photographer, your hard drive will inevitably get filled up with a lot of nearly identical images that will take up a considerable amount of disk space. This is where Image Cleaner comes in with its advanced detection algorithm that will identify all your similar images fast and with a very high degree of accuracy. Duplicate image files can be marked for deletion either manually or automatically.But here is what Image Cleaner has to offer:- Select the folder(s) that you want to

Batch Photo Watermark - Ruchira Ramesh

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Batch Photo Watermark is an application that could put watermark on hundreds of images at a time.Watermarking an image helps to show the work and get the credibility of the images that have been taken by a person.Not only this, it also prevents unauthorized copying or distribution of the Photos.The application comes with various features as below :- If the size of Image is small or large, these could be resized inside the application itself.- The transparency of the Image could be increased or decreased.This will help in lesser obstruction to the content of the image.- The photo could either

FastConverter 2 - Photo Batching - Alan Smith

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Add Text&Image Watermark, Convert Format, Rename, Resize, Rotate, BorderFastConverter is a powerful and ultimate utility to convert your photos in batch.FastConverter offers following useful features:1. Image format conversion between JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP and more formats. It can import most of all RAW image types of various DSLR cameras.2. In order to protect the private of photos, you can add text and image watermark when converting images. When you put watermark onto images in the right position, it makes the images artistic.3. Batch resize images. Change the width and heigh

PhotoScissors - Remove Background From Image - Maxim Gapchenko

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PhotoScissors - Instantly Remove Background From Your Photos!PhotoScissors background removal tool can easily extract objects and remove background from photos. All you need is to draw some foreground and background and algorithm takes care of details.Top Reasons to use PhotoScissors:*Instantly remove complex background from photos*Easily separate foreground from background*Swap background*Add effects to the background or foreground*Move object on the photo*Remove background around hair*Remove background from transparent objects*No limits by image size*Create collage*Cutting out objects*Creat

Sun Seeker Pro - ozPDA

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Projects solar path, solar energy, sunlight exposure and other solar related information onto user-supplied Photo Sphere (spherical photo) images, with a zoom/pan 3D viewer, as well as onto other overhead images such as site plans or architectural schemas. It also provides tools to visualize and analyze the solar path for any given date or throughout the whole year, for any location on earth.This is a valuable tool for▶ Cinematographers - to plan shoots, find exact hours of sun exposure, directions and times for any location▶ Architects & Town Planners - for visualising shading and spatial va

PicFocus - CluBees Tech

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PicFocus is a tool to give highlight and focus to your images by blurring or editing the background of your image.With PicFocus you can easily apply our great filter effects to the selected area or the background.Some of the features of PicFocus -- User have full control to select the area in the image to highlight.- Our smart edge-preserving algorithm gives best result to make the output image looks realistic.- We provide several filters to edit the highlighted and background area in the image.- PicFocus supports almost 50+ Raw image formats.