SampleFinder - Pink Chicken Ltd

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SampleFinder lets you quickly gather music samples for your project. With hundreds of samples across multiple folders, it's tough to test them with Apple's quick-preview feature (space bar). The last thing you want is to give up at the first hurdle.This app displays the entire contents of your sample folders in a single list. You can search, play and select samples, before saving them to a folder of your choosing. They're saved as copies, so nothing is ever lost.I find this really useful, I hope you do too.Supported sample types:* wav* aiff* m4a* mp3

Tray Player - Max Schlee

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Tray Player is an app that allows you to play MP3 files on your computer. It quickly sorts through the files and folders that you Drag & Drop into the app, and plays only files with audio. Also, Tray Player does not take up any valuable space on your screen! It shows up in your status menu (the bar on top of the screen) as well as in the dock, a.k.a. the task bar on the bottom.Tray Player’s controls resemble those of a hand-held MP3 player: Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast-forward. You can select to play your tracks in order, on the loop, or shuffle them. The player displays the name of the track

Samplism - Young Ho Lee

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*** Discount for a limited time only ($59.99 -> $49.99)Samplism is a revolutionary audio file organizer that helps you quickly ​organize, search and preview your audio samples with powerful features.Key Features:1. Automatic Tag MatchingSamplism features a breakthrough technology that automatically categorizes audio samples into tags. With Samplism, you don't need to waste your time anymore on manually categorizing your audio files. Just drag and drop folders into Samplism. All audio samples are automatically categorized into tags. It's a magic.2. Navigate Audio Samples with Tags and Auto Tag

Banjo Chromatic Tuner - Max Schlee

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Simple and powerful, this banjo tuner is both in one! You can listen the sound of each tuning string as well check & fine-tune the strings with the help of the chromatic tuner, placed in the middle of the app window!App-features:* Chromatic tuner with audio-input and microphone support,* Tone generator with authentic Banjo sounds,* Automatic repeating of the playing sounds,* 11 pitches modes:+ Baroque,+ Scientific,+ France1859,+ New Philharmonic,+ Concert Pitch,+ Boston Symphony Orchestra,+ New Berliner Philarmoniker,+ Moscow Theater,+ Old Berliner Philharmoniker,+ Old Philharmonic,+ Renaissa

myTuner Radio Pro - Appgeneration Software

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*** LIVE RADIO BROADCASTS ON YOUR MAC ***More than 120 countries and 30,000 radio stations available for you to listen live, from sports to news, music and many others to choose from.myTuner Radio is easy to use, has a great design and it sits on the menu bar for you to use whenever you like. It’s the best way there is to listen to the radio on your Mac.More than 1 million Podcasts to listen for free with rankings per country.Now you can listen to the best radio stations of your country or of your homeland when you are abroad.And you can also listen to a preview the Top 25 best selling songs

RadioStream - Dmitry Bakhvalov

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RadioStream is a streaming audio player with a databaseof internet radio stations from all around the world:- Listen to more than 26000 internet radio stations.- Search radio stations by more than 180 musical genres.- Add radio stations to your personal favorites list.- Search for radio stations by name.- Update radio stations database.

Course For Pro Tools 101 - Core Pro Tools 9 - Nonlinear Educating Inc.

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With the release of Pro Tools 9, Pro Tools now gives you a full recording studio in a box whether your on your laptop, in standalone mode, or using an HD rig!Pro Tools is the platinum standard for working with digital audio. Now its amazing “tools” are available to everyone because Pro Tools “9” is all about flexibility and portability. You can start a session on your laptop in standalone mode. You can move the same session to an HD studio for overdubs. Then bring that same session to your home studio and hook up your Apogee interface or any other Core Audio or ASIO interface for more product

Violin Notes Finder - Max Schlee

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Learn or improve the sight reading of the notes, in any notations, on the violin, using this app just a few minutes each dayThe app has 2 modes:
1. Notes Explorer2. Notes TrainerThe “Notes Explorer” lets you find the music notes on a violin in interactive way!When you point to a note on a virtual page, ViolinNotesFinder will show you where this note is on a violin and the other way around, if you click violin, you will see the corresponding note and hear the sound it makes.The “Notes Trainer” asks for the notes, showing you the places, and offers the full statistics to show where you are maki