ESPN: Live sports & scores - ESPN

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The ESPN App is the #1 Sports App in the market. The app gives you up-to-the-minute scores and the latest news, live video and audio streaming across ESPN’s networks, and loads of video highlights. Sign in and personalize the ESPN App to get alerts about scores and news from all of your favorite teams and leagues! No matter where you go, take ESPN with you to stay connected the moment you need it, from wherever you are.What do you get with ESPN?- Fast access to scores and news from the MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, NHL, College Basketball, MLS, Esports and more.- Stories and videos from yo


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FUN, ACTION-PACKED NINJA RPG GAMETHE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ app is a fun, creative role-playing game for 9-12-year-young ninja-in-training (and other adventurous heroes). Players are assigned important missions by Master Wu, and must rescue and team up with the rest of the brave WU-CRU – ninjas Jay, Zane, Nya, Cole and Kai – to uncover ancient secrets and hidden treasures, and battle against a lurking evil that threatens to destroy the peaceful NINJAGO Island.FEATURES-IMMERSIVE ROLE-PLAY: Create a personal LEGO NINJAGO avatar, learn how to master the most important ninja skills, and per

Yahoo Sports: Football & More - Yahoo

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Never miss a touchdown! Yahoo Sports is the best way to follow every first down, fumble, and field goal.Don’t forget to tune in on September 24th for free streaming access to the Baltimore vs. Jacksonville game.Check out everything Yahoo Sports has to offer:• FavoritesSign in and set your favorite teams to get schedules, game highlights, and updates in your own personalized news stream.• SportsStay up to date on all the scores, stats and leagues you follow.• HeadlinesGet exclusive content from writers like Dan Wetzel and Pat Forde, along with the most important headlines in sports.• AlertsSe

Stormbound - Kongregate

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Tactical gameplay, card collection, and gorgeous 2D and 3D art combine in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars!Immerse yourself in the rich world of Stormbound, as four kingdoms struggle for dominance. Construct a deck of unique and powerful cards and then dive into real-time battles against other players.Novel gameplay combines your favorite aspects of collectible card games with the tactical strategy of board games. Play cards from your hand to the game board and then watch your units march on the enemy base.FEATURES:*Tactical gameplay that rewards the most clever strategists*Real-time PVP battles agai

Ready, Set, Monsters! - Cartoon Network

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Punch, kick and smash an endless army of monsters with the Powerpuff Girls in Ready, Set, Monsters!PPG TO THE RESCUEChoose Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup to pummel a horde of monstrous baddies. Use their unique strengths to see if you can beat your high score!SUPERFAST ACTIONSimple tap controls make it easy to jump right into the action, but the fast-paced fights and varied enemy attacks will challenge both your reaction time and your battle strategies.UNLEASH THE POWERUpgrade the Powerpuff Girls' abilities to make them faster, stronger and tougher. Unlock special aura attacks themed to each g

Stack AR - Ketchapp

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Stack up the blocks as high as you can!◉ Play in Augmented Reality anywhere◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed◉ Compete for the best score in the world

Wrecker’s Revenge - Gumball - Cartoon Network

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Dr. Wrecker zapped all of Elmore into the Void! Only Gumball is crazy enough to try and save them.LAUNCH INTO ACTIONFling Gumball from one floating island to the next as you rescue the citizens of Elmore and get them to safety. But be careful! Miss one jump and you’ll be lost in the Void forever!SAVE GUMBALL’S FRIENDSDr. Wrecker’s plans are about to get wrecked! Rescue Darwin, Anais, Richard, Nicole, Banana Joe, Penny, Anton, Carrie, Masami, Bobert, and all of your favorite characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball.”RIDICULOUS POWER-UPSWanna save the day? Time to get ridiculous! Swing aro

Amazon Kindle - AMZN Mobile LLC

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Turn your iPhone or iPad into a Kindle with the free Kindle app, and carry all your eBooks with you, wherever you go. eBooks (including those with narration) that you have purchased on Amazon will automatically appear in your app.  Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can select and download eBooks directly in the app. What you’ll get:• Sample any eBook for free• Magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images• A customizable reading experience with your choice of font style, size and more• Comfortable reading day and night with adjustable screen brightness