War Robots - Pixonic LLC

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War Robots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Mighty Warriors!“Saddle up, pilot! It’s time for some mechanized, armor plated, missile firing, machine gun shooting, nuclear powered fun.”- Technologytell“War Robots is a fun online multiplayer zone capture game with energetic robot battles.”-Engadget“This one could break big, so educate yourself now.”- AppSpy“A mechanized MMO battler with some teeth.”- 148apps.com“If you like Robots and real-time PvP battles, the game will be your best choice.”- 2P.comIt's a time of war, pilot! Are

Summoners War - Com2uS Corp.

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"An action-packed fantasy RPG with over 60 million Summoners around the world!Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals!Summon over 900 different types of monsters to compete for victory in the Sky Arena!Assemble the greatest team of monsters for strategic victories!Summoners War: Sky ArenaSummoners War Official Community:http://forum.com2us.com/forum/main-forum/summoner-s-war***▶Features[Strategic Gameplay]Witness the dazzling display of each Monster's unique skills!16 different Rune sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters!Com

SketchBook Motion - Autodesk Inc.

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Bring life to your images. Create beautiful animated scenes, communicate simple to complex concepts, or just have fun! With SketchBook Motion, add lively effects or subtle movement to your still illustrations. Watch as elements move, multiply, and grow. Combine these easy effects to create endless possibilities, adding meaning and emotion to your work.SketchBook Motion is fully-unlocked for SketchBook subscribers. Without a subscription, you can share your scenes, just not save them. To try the full version FREE for 30 days, check out the trial.Entertain or communicate • Turn images into movi

Bubble Buggie - Bitflash

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From scary bugs to best buddies!Pop bubbles and buzz through juicy, colorful levels with a cute spider and lovely ladybugs! Be the first to explore amazing buglands and meet the merriest of the many-legged critters in each episode.Buggies will take you through 345 addictive levels:• Get ready to bounce back to ancient times and dive into myths and fairy tales.• Blast through infected bubbles, cocoons, angry bees and even deadly dangers.• Use Boosters and Super Powers to destroy multiple bubbles in one shot, get super-vision or make yourself immortal.• Connect with your Facebook friends to liv

Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures - Disney

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Play as your favorite Disney Princesses—Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, and Tiana—as you adventure beyond the castle walls! Explore your kingdom, play games, and help your friends. Along the way, you’ll collect beautiful charms and build amazing bracelets to celebrate your journey. It all starts with a dream!CREATE as Rapunzel by painting wall murals, finding Pascal, helping Flynn escape, and matching the ‘floating lights in the sky’.EXPLORE as Ariel by hunting for human treasures, rescuing your friends from sunken shipwrecks, and putting on your own music and light show with jellyfish friends.INQUIR

Photo Effects for Photoshop - Jacob Arabo

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Note:This app need you install photoshop first and all those template are made for photoshop.With Photo Effects for Photoshop you can create to display your personal or business photographs.Our template will allow you to create a stunning effect in just minutes, while still giving you 100% creative control!Clean design puts the focus on your photography while allowing you to choose an endless variety of layouts that are perfect every time. Mix and match full page images, squares, verticals and horizontals on the fly for an instant album solution that is actually fun to use.Easy and elegant, t

Galaxy Wars - Ice Empire - Tiny Games

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-- Search "ICE" also on App Store for iPhone and iPad --[HOW TO PLAY]- Control your ships with a single click- Capture enemy planets (only connected planets)- Conquer the GalaxyGalaxy Wars - Ice Empire is an amazing strategic game of space combat.Command your ships with a simple click, destroy enemies and conquer all the planets!5 teams of different colors and different temperament.Choose your team.You’ll be Blue for a balance between speed and strength or Red for maximum firepower?Galaxy Wars - Ice Empire is an exciting mix of strategy and speed, storm the enemy planets and make your way in

Rubin.io - Playgendary

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HOW TO PLAY:- swap gems in the bottom line to make columns of three gems of the same color- match more columns in a row to earn extra pointsStrategic moves:- take your time in Zen mode and try to match as many columns in a row as you can to beat high score- keep your eye on the clock in Marathon mode - matching gems will give you additional game timeDownload end enjoy this addicting game now!
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