Bridge Builder Constructor Simulator - Real Construction Sim - Pixelmob

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Become the ultimate bridge constructor in this super addictive Bridge Building Brain Teaser!If you have ever wondered how all those awesome structures are built, you now have a chance to take matters into your hands and build one for yourself!Discover 4 fantastic locations: Sunny Coast, Frozen Arctic, Wild West and the Infernal Volcano and get 3 stars in all of them. Use variety of materials to raise your construction: Cables, Wood and Steel; but remember to stay within the budget. Other than that, you’re only limited by your imagination! Make your bridge as sturdy and efficient as possible a

Little Farmers - Care, Fix & Decorate - Kids Fun Club by TabTale

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> Little farmers, unite! Help rebuild your farm after the terrible tornado! It’s all up to you!> Fix, decorate and customize your very own farm with tons of real-life farming activities!> Care for animals, plant crops, and play mini-games as you earn coins and collect awesome prizes!FULL OF FARMING FUN!* Fix up, grow and customize your farm!* Decorate your farmhouse with trees, fences and more!* Plant crops like corn, carrots and wheat!* Repair your tractor with professional tools like the drill and welding torch.* Paint chicken eggs before they hatch!* Knit a blanket for your horse and cloth

Self Service Mobile - JAMF Software

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Self Service Mobile empowers you to be more productive, successful, and self-sufficient with your iOS device. Install apps, eBooks, and obtain organizational content all with an intuitive point and tap interface.Self Service Mobile is a one stop shop to get everything you need on your iOS device to be successful in your organization.Key Features:• Install apps• Install eBooks• Set up email, contacts, calendars, Wi-Fi, VPN, and more• Receive notificationsMinimum Mobile Device Requirements:• iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 7 or later• Casper Suite v9.4 or later

PicCollage - HALFBIT Ltd

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Choose a Design. Add Your Digital Photos. Create a Collage Now.• Choose from 75 photo grid layouts for up to 9 pictures!• Zoom, scale and crop images to fit the collage layout.• Great number of background colours and patterns to choose from for your image collage.• Ratios 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9.• Save collage as JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF.• Resolutions 800x600, 1200x900, 2400x1800, 3264x2448.• Adjust border size and easily round corners.• Share your collages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and more...

Pizza Boy Delivery - Academ Media Games, LLC

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FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS!Who wants some steaming pepperoni straight from the oven? That's right, everyone! And delivering it while it is hot is your mission in Pizza Boy Delivery arcade!Disappoint no one and get their pizzas as fat as you can. You will face lot of difficulties and obstacles as you make your way through the corridors of gorgeous mansion-like hotel, but that shouldn't be a problem for a delivery pro like yourself!HOW TO PLAY:Your goal is to rush through the dangerous hotel maze to deliver pizzas to your clients and keep them full and happy. Follow the pizza slices, run, duck,

Monopolist Full - Roman Bondarenko

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Become engrossed in the world of big business, feel yourself as a monopolist. Develop yourself to become the richest in the city!Before you is reincarnation of the board game, which has received huge popularity in the twentieth century in many countries around the world, and till the present day it remains a bestseller in the genre of board games.Monopolist is a classic monopoly with realistic playing field, and faster process.The goal of the game is to achieve the bankruptcy of other players with rational usage of start-up capital.Mechanics of the game was changed to a more rapid and excitin

SWAP The Matrix - Subhendu Behera

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Play the ultimate 2D Puzzle Game with more than 115 levels.The main aim is to turn off all the lights. Click on one light to reverse the state of that light and every adjacent light.All the levels are funny and strategic. You may feel a level is difficult but some other time you may feel the same level easy.As you cross the levels, the difficulty will increase.Unlock the most challenging "15 Challenge Levels".Features:115 Levels.15 Challenge Levels.

Wedding Dress Shop CROWN - Academ Media

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Welcome to the economical strategy where you will work with... happy bride! Today you will show your management skills and prove you can own a wedding dress shop! Moreover, you have a chance to demonstrate your ability to sell your dresses, jewelry, shoes and so on! What will you start with?1. Be sure owning a wedding dress shop is not an easy thing!2. Work on your strategy and choose good tactics!3. Improve your shop adding new articles!4. Attract more customers and make your shop more noticeable!ATTRACT, SELL, IMPROVE, BECOME WELL-KNOWN! Welcome to the Wedding Dress Shop CROWN!How to Play?Y
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