Kung Fu FIGHT! - Nostatic Software LLC

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Fight the bad guys, save the girl - you know the drill! Relentless old-school action as you run, jump and fight your way through your quest of rescue and revenge.• Non-stop action!• Retro-styled, old school gameplay.• Battle through varied environments against unique enemies.• Multiple difficulty modes add challenge and replayability.

Ragdoll Stickman Fight PRO - Academ Media Games, LLC

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The situation in the city is getting worse and people need a SUPERHERO!You are going to have a lot of FUN fighting with other sticked men:-fly above the ground-collect different BONUSES: health packs, shields and all useful stuff.....to WIN!-stop the crimes-defeat all the enemiesYou have to:- Control the ragdoll fighter!- Attack head or body of your stickman opponents!- Run into the stickman while rotating your ragdoll fighter to attack vulnerable parts!Ragdoll Sticked Man Fighting FEATURES:AWESOME FIGHTING GAMEtotal chaos between fightersLOTS OF SETTINGSfrom streets to Japanese saloonADVANCE

Kong Adventure - Iman Setiawan

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Kong is going on a new adventure ! Kong want to pick up fruits but the jungle is full of danger and needs your help. Jump all over this crazy jungle to get as many banana as you can. Do not fall off the ground and bump the birds around the jungle.Can you collect more bananas? Ok, let's seeEnjoy the classic platform game. If you're looking for a cool jump and run that will memorize you, King kong Adventure is your best choice.

Synthetic Rig Explored - Reason - ASK Video

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The Synthetic Rig Bundle for Reason is a collection of Rack Extension synths designed for the electronic music producer. This in-depth course, soon to be included free in the RE bundle explains them all and shows them in action.Tutorial Features:• 117 minutes of video training• Super clear explanations• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)• Easy to navigateCourse Outline:1. Boom 808 Percussion Synth (03:36)2. Boom 808 In action (03:21)3. The EDS06s (03:58)4. Creating Supporting Percussion (03:18)5. The Mighty Punch BDRE (04:38)6. Layering Kick Drums (02:40)7. Sub Boom Bass (05:52)

Glitch Fixers - The Powerpuff Girls - Cartoon Network

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The Internet is under attack! Battle monsters and solve puzzles with the Powerpuff Girls in Glitch Fixers, the game inspired by the PPG episode "Viral Spiral"!USE BRAINS + BRAWNBubbles uploaded Blossom and Buttercup to the Internet, but they don’t have their powers! Use simple commands, procedures, and loops to launch the girls into action.BATTLE INTERNET TROLLSThe Amoeba Boys have unleashed a mess of monsters onto the web. Take down mutant memes, Internet trolls, and spam bots before they ruin the Internet forever!RIDE A DINOSAURGame on! Use special weapons like Bunny Bazookas, Rainbow Trout

Song Writer - Lyrics Memo Plus - Music Paradise, LLC

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FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS!Song Writer is one of the greatest multifunctional musician apps. This tool suits for saving chords and lyrics. You can also compose music wherever you want with the help of the high-quality audio recorder.Song writing has never been easier! Just put down the words for your song, play guitar chords and use the audio recorder function to record your song.Song Writer - Lyrics Memo Plus features:- Memopad for your creative music ideas;- Notebook for song writing;- Audio recorder for recording chords and lyrics;- Opportunity to play preferable guitar chords;- Essential t

iRadio Ambient - Atom Systems Incorporated, SL

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Are you tired of typical radio applications? Do you spend too much time looking for the music style you want? Are you tired of hearing those low quality radio broadcasts?Then iRadio is your app!!!iRadio offers you the top radio stations ordered by the music style you want. Listen the music you want just pressing one button. Do not waste your time searching through hundreds of channels of dubious quality.FEATURES* Top radio stations listed by music genre* High quality stations at 128 kbit MP3 and 64 kbit AAC+ or better* Online radio station list: No more dead stations EVER!* High quality strea

Amateur Surgeon 4 - [adult swim]

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Perform Surgery on over 100 patients with household tools in Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations!It’s time to grab your trusty pizza cutter, and start the operation!Doctor Bleed, pioneer of amateur surgery, is back from the dead. Help him solve the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he spans the globe looking for answers, and saves some unwitting lives along the way.* Play doctor with more than 100 patients to cut open & operate on!* Operate on Eyes, Brains, Hearts, Lungs, Robots, Bears, Giant Squids…and more!* Recruit more than 30 partners with unique and weird special abilities!* Take on Fiel